Simon Breakspear

Previous Roles

My most recent roles before joining Personal Touch include being a regional manager (Midlands – South West) with Zurich Advice Network. I had overall leadership of financial advisers, spread across eight strategically located offices in the region.

After this I became managing director / head of financial services for Nationwide Independent Financial Services Ltd. My main responsibility was overall leadership of Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) business for Nationwide Building Society regional brands.

Our Business

If a principal or adviser has aspirations to grow and develop their business, then Personal Touch is the right place for them. We share our experiences and best practices, we’re open to change and taking advantage of technical / digital advancements and we align our resources accordingly to support members in achieving their aspirations.

When talking about growth and development, it’s not just about financial wealth. It’s about personal development, a successful work-life balance which is sustainable longer term.

Key Business Values

For me, integrity encompasses a broad spectrum of important attributes, such as honesty and trust, fundamental principles which a business shouldn’t operate without.

Respect for others has always been a core ethic and an important part of culture for me – and it always will be. It’s all about doing the right thing for people. After all, people don’t do business with companies; they do business with people.

Experience and Specialisms

I’ve worked in financial services for over 30 years, operating at senior management and / or director level, across a broad spectrum of distribution models with diverse functional responsibilities.

My experience has afforded me grounded knowledge in sales, quality and performance management, whilst adhering to robust governance, compliance and competence frameworks. Leading significant project work-streams has also provided me with strategic insights with which to manage associated risk, whilst adding value to the business.

Work Mantra

From when I first began my career, I quickly learned that people and relationships are at the core of everything we do in life and my mantra has been “Respect Reflects Respect”. If you respect other people, earn their respect, eventually this will be replicated in return.


Nothing motivates me more than see people grow and develop. Whether it’s development for them personally or for their business, seeing people achieve their objectives and goals is a fantastic feeling – it’s an even better feeling if you’ve helped them along the way.

My Vision

Achieving sustainable profits for all parties to the relationship is at the core of my vision – continuing to provide appropriate solutions to meet clients’ and members’ needs is fundamental to this. To do this we need to remain focused on our core proposition and service levels, whilst evolving processes through utilisation of new initiatives presented by technology and digital developments. If we can become more efficient and effective in what we do and customer solutions are suitable, we all win.

Growing our market share without compromising on quality is core to my vision of Personal Touch’s future. Our people and culture is good, we need to grow and develop these attributes to achieve our overall objectives.