Peter Cobley

Experience and Specialisms

I started my accountancy career with Ernst & Young in London over 25 years ago, auditing life and pension providers and Lloyds syndicates. But it wasn’t that long before I fell for the Siren Song of West Midlands metal-bashers and moved into the manufacturing industry. Five years ago, I was enticed back to the financial services industry by Personal Touch.

What I like about being a Chartered Accountant is that the skillset is highly transferable between industries. Establishing good financial systems and controls, developing an atmosphere which positively encourages continual improvement, staying abreast of technological innovations – these are each experiences which will have a positive impact in almost any business.

Previous Roles

Before joining Personal Touch, I held various Finance Director, Company Secretary and other senior finance positions, with a wide range of businesses including a large outdoor toy manufacturer, a clothing retailer, a garden-ware and house-ware supplier, an automotive component maker and a building supplies business. Plus, I owned and ran my own coffee shop and coffee bean roastery.

Our Business

A blanket of financial reassurance around our activities is important. We make safe, sustainable profit, to be here for the long term. Our financial reporting demonstrates the stability and strength of the business, with minimised prudential risk.

Key Business Values

Trust is a key value for me. I have extremely capable people in my teams that I trust to deliver in all areas that we work on.

Individuals who’ve gained my respect as leaders are those that treat others as equals, and to do that, I think they’re all quite comfortable about who they are.

Work Mantra

My background is originally in the automotive manufacturing world where “projects” and big initiatives have come to be frowned upon. Instead the focus is on “kaizen” or continual improvement at every level, with small step improvements made (every day) in place of a project-driven big leap.


Every week, Personal Touch helps hundreds of people find the right mortgage for their dream home. Every week, we help hundreds of people find the right insurance policy, so that if something does go wrong, they can be sure that they’ll remain financially secure. We help dreams come true, and we chase nightmares away. My motivation is that we make a few extra dreams come true every week.

My Vision

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, we are feeling positive and looking forward to a successful future. We will continue to adapt our use of technology to streamline processes and improve productivity levels. We have plenty of fresh, innovative initiatives planned. Which brings us back to one of our core goals: securing good profit and positive cash flow now and for the future.