Paul Underwood

Experience and Specialisms

I’ve worked in the personal financial services industry for the last 32 years.

My career path has given me experience of all aspects of retail financial services. For 10 years I was a building society manager, selling products across the board. This included mortgages, savings, endowments, pensions, investments, life insurance and buildings and contents. After this I moved to head office to work in a second line of defence compliance role for the above areas. For the last 20 years I’ve worked in regulatory risk and compliance.

Previous Roles

I joined Personal Touch on a permanent basis at the beginning of November 2016. My previous employment includes Lloyds Banking Group and Nationwide Building Society. I also had a successful secondment to the Department for Communities and Local Government, where I acted as an ‘expert secondee’ advising government on home finance as part of HM Government’s preventing homelessness initiatives at the time of the 2008 global financial crisis.

Our Business

The journey that Personal Touch has been on since that global financial crisis is impressive. The network is in great shape from a regulatory stand point and the clarity of the proposition as a customer-focused, quality organisation. Any member that joins us will be part of this.

Key Business Values

The one value that stands out for me is “doing the right thing”. But don’t just do it when people are watching; do the right thing all of the time. If you follow this in all aspects of life, you can’t go far wrong.

Work Mantra

Our name sums it up. Yes, we’re in the financial business, but we’re also in the people business too. Financial services brings together the two most contentious ingredients: money and people. As George Bernard Shaw proffered: “People can be pushed to their moral limits in pursuit of money”.

This underpins my belief that compliance and conduct is more than just about complying with regulation. We all need to remember that it’s also about how customers are treated, how firms behave towards each other and how we operate in the wider financial services market.


As an extension of my work mantra, my belief in fairness is my biggest motivator. This is fairness for us, members and, of course, clients.

My Vision

For the years to come I want Personal Touch to continue to be recognised as a quality organisation that can be trusted. We’ll continue to protect and support our network members, by making it easier for them to meet customers’ needs by delivering consistently good outcomes.