A recent survey we conducted found that 85% of advisers across the industry believed the core responsibility of any network offering was compliance support and efficient processes.

So we aligned our business to exactly that!

We’re aware of the time requirements for compliance within your business, as well as the vast knowledge required to implement it correctly. That’s why our compliance and services team is the largest team in the company, making it as easy as 1, 2, 3 for you. Some of our services include:

Direct Supervision

Upon joining, you will be assigned a dedicated member competence consultant (MCC) who will support you in attaining and maintaining competent adviser status. They will also deliver a personalised service to you throughout your membership. After recently implementing direct supervision across the membership, your MCC will take care of all your supervisory worries.

Mortgages Helpdesk

Our mortgage helpdesk provides you with a direct contact to help you with all of your mortgage enquiries, across both clients and products.

Advice Review Times

Our regular newsletter provides updates on industry changes and key tips to ensure all your advice is of the highest quality.

Compliance Helpdesk

Similar to our mortgage helpdesk, our compliance helpdesk provides you with the answer to all your compliance questions through a dedicated contact.

Document Library

Your personal document library within your member portal will provide you with simple and logical access to any information you may need, whether it be a particular compliance requirement, a recent communication or just to ask other members views on a particular situation, it’s all at the click of a button.

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