We’re goodie two shoes.

We have never had any fines or enforcement by the FCA and have around double our capital reserve requirements. Our quality team are vastly experienced within the industry and are always at the end of the phone. We play by the rules which provides peace of mind for the long term with anyone we do business with.


We move ahead of the market.

We are famous for being the leader in key industry changes. Whether it be moving to a restricted model, ensuring our members are pro’s ahead of MMR, supporting advisers in the use of social media rather than banning it or implementing the very latest in technology innovation to reduce administration requirements. Our advisers are always one step ahead of their competition. Our technology is developed in house and regularly updated to our advisers needs.


We don’t do deals.

We are fair and transparent in all elements of our business so you know exactly what you’re getting. We financially reward our high quality firms as we strive to build an elite network of financial gurus, I believe the only network who actually puts quality in to action rather than just words. And we don’t charge joining fees or touch your advice fees.


We encourage two way communication.

We regularly ask for feedback and share results, and take pride in making changes to improve the service to our advisers needs. We have relationship managers you can contact to discuss challenges, who take pride in resolution. We provide you with relevant and timely industry information to ensure you continue to be recognised as an expert within your field, and we identify which communications are urgent so you can prioritise your busy workload.


We have an answer for everything.

Being a member of Personal Touch provides you with access to over 150 specialists within the business, for whatever your query may be. Unlike other networks, you can speak to any member of staff you choose whether it be HR, Marketing, Quality or Legal. We will share our vast knowledge with you to ensure you can deliver a successful business.


We’re old.

Hitting our 20 year milestone last year means we know a thing or two about running a network. We don’t shout about our financial security, because we wouldn’t be here today if we weren’t successful. In fact, we don’t shout about anything, we believe actions speak louder than words.

For more information about our proposition and to discuss the opportunities available, contact us today at join.us@www.personaltouchfs.com.