Job Title

Role Objective

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Role Competencies

Competency name Level
Using Influence 2
Innovation and Creative Thinking 3
Communication 3
Risk Management 2
Managing Self 2

Competency name Level
Adding Customer Value and Continuous Development 2
Developing and Enabling Others 2
Teamwork and collaboration 2

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used in the selection for this post. You may not have all these attributes or you may have weaker skills and evidence in some areas with strengths in others. The selection decision will be based on the requirements of the job and how well your particular skills, knowledge and approach enable you to take and succeed in the role. You should have most or all of the following:

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Vetting Requirements

The following vetting procedure will be carried out when recruiting to this role:

  • 5 years referencing
  • DBS check
  • Credit check

Regulatory Requirements

Treating Customers Fairly

The Team Administrator must have a clear understanding of the concept of Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) and how Personal Touch seeks to comply with this FCA requirement.

Responsibility, both individually and jointly with the other managers of the Personal Touch Management Group for ensuring that at all times the firm and the network treat their customers fairly (TCF) in accordance with the FCA Principle 6.

The Team Administrator will be responsible to the Credit Control and Solvency Manager for ensuring that any and all processes and procedures within his/her remit complies fully with Personal Touch’s TCF policy.

Anti-Money Laundering, Data Security and Confidentiality

All employees are required to abide by the Personal Touch Groups procedures and standards in relation to anti money laundering, data security and confidentiality and to complete training courses as required.

Three Lines of Defence Model

The Personal Touch Group operates a “three lines of defence” controlled environment as described below:

First Line of Defence


Second Line of Defence


Third Line of Defence
Approved Persons and Senior

Managers in all Business Areas

Risk and Compliance Team Internal Audit
Accountable for:


The promotion of the fair treatment of customers at all times

Having sufficient resource and competent personnel to carry out risk assessment(s) and mitigate risk effectively

Having adequate systems and controls to support the Risk Management Framework

Having appropriate quality assurance and governance arrangements in place to detect and mitigate emerging risk issues

Where mitigation of risk depends on other business areas or third parties, obtaining effective “buy in” from other business areas/third parties

All risk decision making

Identifying and managing

risks and Incidents via the Personal Touch risk framework

Accountable for:


Maintenance of Risk Management Framework document

Providing challenge to first line of defence business areas on the effectiveness of their risk assessments and mitigating actions

Oversight of the management to ensure that risks and incidents are identified appropriately

Monitoring the FCA Conduct

Risk horizon and alerting the business to issues that may impact Personal Touch

Undertake periodic risk

assessments and compliance monitoring reviews to assess the effectiveness of the systems and controls and

to ensure the business is regulatory compliant

Accountable for:


Conducting audits of the first and second line of defence to assess the effectiveness of the Risk Management Framework

Note: The Board supported by Internal Audit and both the Audit and Risk Committees monitor the overall risk profile of the firm, and ensure that adequate financial resources are maintained.

This role is confirmed to be in the first line of defence.

Download a PDF copy of the XXXXXXXXXX role job Description