Face your Social Media fears

By 12th Jan 2018 Blog, Member Blog
social media fears

Social media for business can be a real divider. When I’ve talked to members about it there’s usually three camps:

“I use it in both personal and business capacities.”

“I just use it in a personal capacity, it’s not for business.”

“I don’t do social media at all.”

Social media fears are real and some believe that it shouldn’t be used for business.

“I’m too old. It’s not for me, it’s for my kids.”

Many people perceive social media as a purely social platform. It is, but it’s also evolved into so much more. Social media is a key part of many successful businesses’ strategies.


“I don’t want personal stuff online.”
Many people think that in using social media, you’ll automatically be sharing personal content.
In fact, its best practice to have a separate accounts for personal and business use. This way, personal content is kept for family and friends; business content is for clients.


“It’s hard to use.”
When first using social media for business it’s easy to feel out of your comfort zone and overwhelmed. The more you do it, the more familiar and easier it gets.


“It’s difficult getting content approved.”
Content can be time sensitive so getting it approved quickly is important. Planning ahead is key and sending a week’s worth of content for approval in one go will make it smoother. Our weekly planner can help – this is available in the Business Development Suite.


“I’m too busy for any of that.”
A lot of people see social media as a low priority on their weekly to-do list and it gets pushed back. Many think it can be very time consuming.
However, even if half an hour a week is spent planning content for the following week, it becomes much quicker and smoother.